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Having good quality balcony or outside garage tiles are a must to make sure that your outside garage or balcony looks spectacular. Unlike other parts of the home, your outside garage and balcony are often exposed to weather elements which can cause them to get damaged or deteriorated at a much faster pace than other tiles of the home. This is why weather-proof outside garage tiles are garnering a lot of attention from homeowners. Although weather-proof tiles are suitable for all kinds of weather, they still need to be taken care of. Caring for your outside garage tiles will help them to not only last longer but also will keep your balcony or outside garage looking great. Here are a few simple tricks to care for your outside garage or balcony’s all-weather tiles. 

Oil Your Weather-proof outside garage Tiles 

Although you may think that there is no apparent need for you to oil and polish your weather-proof outside garage, deck, and balcony tiles, since they come pre-stained and finished, it is not the case. Even with weather-proof tiles, it is imperative to remember that the oil layer does not last forever and it is vital to refinish them from time to time. How often? Well, it will typically depend on a lot of factors like how often you walk on your outdoor flooring, how rough you are on it, and how exposed to the elements it is. According to experts, it is advisable to get your floors cleaned and tiles oiled at least once a year. Remember not to sand your weather-proof outside garage tiles as they already come with a natural finish that doesn’t require sanding. Ideally, a quick wash will remove most of the surface debris and make your tiles ready for oiling. Just akin to any high-quality flooring, your weather-proof tiles will respond wonderfully to all the care you take making them look good and last long. 

Clean Your outside garage Tiles Regularly

There is no substitute for regular and thorough cleaning. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your tiles look great for many years. Although you may find little value in cleaning outside tiles daily, remember that your outside garage floor can end up getting etched and scratched by sharp debris like tools, sharp parts, and glass which will cause damage to your tiles. Garage accidents must be cleaned up immediately to avoid deposition of any debris that can cause damage to your floor. 

Understand how your warranty works

Most weather-proof tile companies will offer some kind of warranty on their weather-proof tiles. In the event of an accident, if your weather-proof tile gets damaged, it can be easily replaced as per the outlined warranty. Weather-proof tiles can be simply replaced individually which offers excellent flexibility to homeowners. 

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