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What is Zone Garage Edmonton?

We are a Specialty Coating Company active in the Greater Edmonton Area. However Coating Garage surfaces isn’t all that we do. We offer a wide array of Storage Solutions as well as Car Lifts and Self Leveling Concrete Repair Options. Got a Outdoor Space ? We can also cover your Patio, walkways, pool decks, driveways etc… However one of our Favorite things though is turning that boring 22×24 Space of a Garage into a Unique Space for you and your Family, from floor coating to wall and ceiling storage as well as decals and other accessories you might need. Our Staff at Zone Garage Edmonton can make your Dreams come true. So don’t hesitate and call us Today so we can get started to add Value and Comfort to your Home.

Why do we have a Blog and Video Page?

This page was especially created to answer some questions and dispel some myths about the coating industry as well as educate our customers. As we are very passionate about what we are doing we hope that his information can help you decide if this coating is right for you. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out via Phone or Email and one of our knowledgeable associates will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Why would you give away your secrets?

We are so passionate about this type of flooring that we dont mind helping our customers make an educated decision and sometimes we might not be the right choice for the job however we are always able to point you in the right direction.
You might also think you are now ready to do it yourself after going through these videos and blogs and you might be right. We also have a Video about that !! and even if you are not we are here to help and to make sure the project goes off without a hitch.

Can I watch these videos and DIY my Floor?

Absolutely you can !! We have a few videos about this exact thing. While we of course recommend having this kind of flooring done by a professional as this is different then paint and involves a few different Chemicals, a 250lb+ Grinder, Commercial Vacuum as well as a Generator. Most People just cannot procure the proper equipment and instead use the “Pressure Washing” method which of course does not work due to the moisture that is introduced into the slab while cleaning and if you don’t know why moisture is bad check out one of our Videos especially the one about Installations.

So if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to the install from Zone Garage Edmonton do give our great Associates a call.

If I’m a client, why should I still watch these videos?

We will of course educate you on the process when we come out to give you a no obligation estimate. We actually pride ourselves in the information we provide to our customers. You can also check out the product we use and ask us questions about that.

The reason you should watch our videos is that just in case you don’t decide to go with us, you know a little bit about the processes and what kind of questions you should ask your other Contractors that come and give you a quote.

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Who are the people in the videos and why are they so awkward?
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