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In any form of construction, planning beforehand prevents a lot of stress and saves time and budget. Our company can save you a lot of money and the hassle that comes with a patio project. Our professional contractors have been applying decorative patio coatings for many years and are more than ready to meet your specific needs. Not only do we have coatings for patios but also for basements, garages, porches, tack rooms, entryways, driveways, and walkways. Make sure that you talk to one of our customer representative on (780)999-6836.

Things to consider before applying concrete patio coatings

Only a qualified patio expert knows the right product, procedure, and technique for patio finishing. Where a coating is needed on a newly-established patio, sealing must not be done to the surface. All curing agents must be free of any sealer.

A smooth finish by a trowel is recommended. There is no need for blackening, power-troweling, or burnishing.

Plastic zip strips are recommended for the control joints. Unless it is absolutely necessary, no expansion joints or metal strips should be used on the concrete slabs.

It is okay to coat the steps- both wooden and concrete-based. Wood steps, however, must be plain without pressure treatment.

At least 28 days is the right period of time to allow for a new concrete patio to cure. But depending on the weather conditions, it is good to wait for 45 days. Techniques for speeding up the curing process may be applied but only under the supervision of a qualified concrete contractor.

If a heating system is to be installed on the patio, it will have no effects on the patio coating as far as surface preparation and coating application are concerned. The important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the installation of the heating process.

Blacktop installation is not necessary before the coating application. But where it has to be laid later, a cardboard is placed over the coatings before the rollers contact the surface.

After the patio coating is installed, the placement of a baseboard is necessary so that the finish line remains intact in case of future changes on the trim.

If there is any painting needed before coating installation, the process must be done 3 days in advance. It is not that paint will be a problem after coating installation; only that it hardly creates a realistic bond with the concrete coating and. It is also prone to erosion by water and pops off after drying.

Before our coating professionals arrive at your property, scrubbing the patio must not worry you. All you need is to eliminate unnecessary materials, debris, and sweep the dust. Our personnel are highly trained on surface preparation and have the necessary equipment e.g. diamond grinders for the job. So, any mud, stubborn paint, and grease stain should not worry you as they will be taken care of by experienced technicians.

Always keep this in mind: do not seal the patio surface if you plan to have it coated because you might incur additional charges. But if you expect the initial patio to last for several years before coating, we can advise you accordingly.

When your patio slabs are heavily damaged, do not be afraid because we have the most effective techniques for repair and you don’t have to pull down your entire backyard. We will remodel the surface to bring back its brand-new look.

Do you need help in planning for your next patio project in St. Albert and the surrounding cities and suburbs? Call us at (780) 999-6836.