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Do you want to enjoy your patio all year long? Then what you need is a coat that will stand the test of time. Splintered patio floors deteriorate the good looks of your outdoor space, lowering the value of your property. Do not allow your outdoors to appear wasted and used while our patio coating experts in Edmonton are here to serve you.

We manufacture a wide array of patio products to suit any environmental exposure. They can hold up even at the peak of various environmental aggravators such as hot climate, freezing and thawing cycles, UV rays, snow etc. Our impeccable patio coatings are easier to maintain as compared to other types of paints. They can resist stains and so will hold up for long before their brand-new appearance disappears.

Out patio products are some of the best on today’s market and that’s why our customers in different parts of Canada swear by the superiority and durability of our offers. We put into consideration the specific needs of every patio whether concrete, wooden, big or small.

Patio resurfacing

Our patio contractors are ready to bring back to life your splintered and cracked patios in just a few hours. We have special coating formulas for resurfacing your damaged outdoor space. We don’t need to pull down the entire surface and this will save you a lot of money. You don’t need to replace it- let us resurface your patio with one of a kind patio coatings manufactured in Edmonton. It will conceal all the imperfections while at the same creating a non-slippery and stunning patio surface.

Patio acrylic epoxy

We highly recommend this product on your home patio or amusement park. It is effective at strengthening a concrete surface so that it stays for multiple years without the need of repair. We provide acrylic epoxies in different colors to design a patio that accentuates your property’s exterior design. Its application is straight-forward and we will give it to you at an economical price. It is also perfect for other surfaces as esplanades, walkways, entryways, public parks, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

Zone Garage provides patio coats such as polyurea and polyurethane to prevent the common patio problems. The process of coating a patio surface may seem expensive initially but it is more cost-effective in the long-run. The important thing is to get an experienced contractor to do the job and the surface will last for decades. Once we apply the coatings, we can texture the surface to add more benefits as increasing slip-resistance, bonding aggregate which has been left on the surface and enhancing durability.

When applied in the right manner, polyurea and polyurethane coats produce a weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and long-lasting outdoor space. Our objective is to create patios that our clients take pride in and we also find fulfillment in the end.

Our patio contractors understand the hurdles associated with outdoor spaces. While you may adore the natural appearance of a concrete patio, days of endless maintenance can become a dissatisfying routine. Concrete patios, in spite of their solid looks, deteriorate with time if not coated with the right product. They flake and crack when exposed to harsh weather like freezing and tough sun rays. What your patio needs is an effective coat to preserve its dignity.