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There are a number of myths out there about garage floor coatings. Below we highlight some of the  existing myths in hopes of providing more understanding of what garage floor coating is and how it can benefit you. 

Myth #1: Professional Garage Floor Coatings Are Expensive 

A professionally installed garage floor coating  for a two car garage will cost you approximately $6 per square foot. Many times when people are getting quotes from unlicensed shady businesses, they get inflated prices, which makes everyone believe that that is the base price for any company. 

Myth #2: All Garage Floor Coatings Are the Same So Just Go For The Cheaper Epoxy Kit From Stores

All garage coatings are in fact not the same. Professional companies offer true industrial strength coatings. The materials that they use are the same ones that are used in fire stations and trucking facilities, which make them more than well equipped to endure the wear and tear of your vehicles or anything else you may store in your garage. One of the biggest differences between professionally installed garage coatings and epoxy kits is the scratch resistant dealen that is applied after the epoxy has dried. The urethane/ polyaspartic applied after provides protection against scratches chips and stains. 

Myth #3: Clean the Garage Floor and Then It Will Be Ready For An Epoxy Coating

The reality is that the process is not that easy. To guarantee that an epoxy will bond thoroughly, the concrete floor needs to be prepared to a concrete surface profile of two or better. This will get rid of any loose cement paint, removes any left over surface contaminants, and opens the concrete’s pores. 

Myth 4: You Have To Redo The Garage Floor Coating Every 1-3 Years

If you garage floor coating  is from an epoxy kit for a store, was applied on a surface that wasn’t prepared properly, or was not and  industry grade professional coating, this myth is actually a truth.

If you are interested in professional garage coating for your industrial, residential or commercial space contact Zone Garage Edmonton