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A garage is not just for cars; many of us use it as a storage space for equipment, furniture, seasonal items and so much more. This can lead to your garage getting messy and you can easily forget what you have in there. An organized garage is a life changer because you will know where everything is, you will have easy access to all of the things you need and still be able to park your vehicle. At the very least, an organized garage will give you freedom from unnecessary clutter and provide you with a space that is neat and inviting.

While that sounds fantastic, an organized garage is hard to accomplish and even harder to maintain, which is why Zone Garage Edmonton wants to provide guidance to help you with this task.

The first step is to assess the space and see how you can maximize it. Most garages have a lot of space that is wasted or underutilized. Making the most of what you have is very important, and a great way of doing this is to use your garage walls and overhead to provide you with more space and storage. You can install heavy duty shelves on the walls or look into different hanging solutions so that you can neatly store accessories or hang them when they are not in use. This is great for things like bicycles, shovels, helmets, balls, fishing rods and ladders just to name a few. It’s easy to leave tools lying around or have sports equipment thrown in the garage, but you can end up damaging your items that way. The right storage space will help you keep all of your equipment and accessories in good condition while keeping them out of your way. 

Once your garden accessories, sports equipment and seasonal tools are no longer on the floor and in your way, you will be able to park your car in your garage the way it was intended. Parking your car in your garage is more secure and your vehicle is less exposed to outdoor elements like bugs, rain, snow and animal droppings. 

Overhead storage bins are another great addition to any garage because it will help eliminate clutter and free up space. Large items like tires and patio furniture can be placed in bins and stored away until they are needed again, which is ideal so that they’re not collecting dust while in the garage. Bins allow you to get rid of your bulky items so that you have more room to walk around and see where everything is.

An organized garage can make a big difference for your home. Zone Garage Edmonton can help with garage floor coating, resurfacing, floor sealers and packages. For all of your garage floor needs, contact Zone Garage Edmonton today!