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As you know garage floor takes a lot of abuse from oil, chemical spills, stains, moisture, road particles, and more that may cause cracks and other surface problems. The good news is there are several garage flooring options that you can choose from to mitigate these problems.

But most homeowners are having a hard time to choose which garage flooring Edmonton, Alberta they want to have. To make it easier, we divide the choices into two types – the coating and the covering. If your garage floor is in good condition and it is well-maintained, you can pick either one.

Garage Floor Coatings

You can have a coating for your garage flooring Edmonton, Alberta in several different types of products. You can epoxy, paint, concrete stains, and concrete sealers. There are similarities among these products but keep in mind that they are totally different in many ways.

For instance, you may hear other saying “epoxy paint.” In reality, paint and epoxy are totally different products. Although they can be applied with rollers and brushes, they are actually different in chemical composition and uses.

For instance, if your garage floor is usually stained with oil, grease,and rust, you can easily give it new look with simple garage floor paint. You may use latex paint for your concrete floor. It is easy to apply and quite cheap. But if you want a tougher and really good-looking floor surface, you can opt for epoxy. Preparation and application are more complex in epoxy than with paint.

Coatings can protect your floor against stains, corrosive chemicals, and moisture penetration. However, coatings can fail if your concrete is damp and due incomplete floor preparation. The main downside of the coating is that it requires several hours of careful floor preparation. If your floor has a lot of dirt, an intensive cleaning with a pressure washer using degreasers is a must to remove any grease, dirt, sealers, grease, or previous coatings.

Garage Floor Coverings

This is an option if you want to cover the top of your garage floor fast and easy. Of course, you can use carpet or any covering you want, but if you want a floor that can endure the harsh routine activities in your garage, there are products that are specifically manufactured to be used in garage floors.

Covering products can be moved or removed at any time. Floor mats and floor tiles fit in this category. There are three basic types of floor tiles for a garage – the rigid snap-together tiles, flexible rubber tiles, and wood composite tiles.

The main advantage of coverings is it is fast and easy to install. It could also cover cracks easily and can be used right over the damp concrete. In addition, the only prep you need to do is a thorough sweeping. The main disadvantage, however, is the price. It will cost you more than the coating option, that is if you do the coating on your own.