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If you plan to sell your home soon or at any point in the future, you should consider effective options to increase the value of it without costing a fortune. There are some things you can do right after buying a home, or at any point to help boost your home’s value. Although, like improvements before a sale, you want to make sure you get a good return on investment. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on upgrades before you sell if you can’t expect to recoup it.

Professionally fitted epoxy garage flooring is a home improvement that yields a high return on investment. It adds beauty to your garage and value to your home.

At Zone Garage Edmonton, we specialize in high-quality epoxy garage floor finishes that can look just like quartz, granite or terrazzo. These beautiful and functional flooring options can last a lifetime and add to the visual appeal of your garage, which is often the main point of entry to a home.

Protect Your Garage Floor

Our garage flooring is professionally installed using industrial products that prevent salt or water damage while also repelling stains. By having this flooring in your garage, grease, oil or any other fluids that end up in your garage can be easily wiped away. Heavier stains can be removed with warm water, a cloth or soft brush and pH neutral floor cleaner. Epoxy flooring makes it easier to keep your garage floor looking like new for longer. 

Reduce Signs of Wear

When people use paint or DIY epoxy coatings for their garage floor, the results often look okay initially. Although, when oil or other liquids leak from a vehicle or spill from a workbench, it becomes apparent that the flooring wasn’t applied by a professional. 

Also, hot tires can cause paint and other coverings to lift. This happens because when the flooring material doesn’t bond to the surface as well as our garage flooring does. Our products last because of the preparation we put into every project and because we only use commercial grade products.

Easier to Clean and Keeps Concrete Dust Away

Once the surface of your concrete is sealed, it is no longer able to absorb water, which makes it easier to clean and prevents concrete dust from being tracked into your home. Without a sealed floor, your concrete can leave a mouldy, musty smell in the air, which could cause problems later on.

By using our epoxy floor coating systems, we can help you eliminate these issues. You will also have a beautiful and clean garage floor, which will help make your house more appealing to buyers. Call us for a quote to see what other options we have for your garage.