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If you are planning to do your garage floor refinishing on your own, then you have come to the right place. This is because here, we are going to explain the key to successful garage floor improvement. By reading this out, you will be able to make a clean, durable as well as good looking garage flooring. These tips and tricks will guide you properly to do your own garage floor refinishing. Here, we will explain the whole procedure step by step. In this way, it would be easier for you to implement these steps easily.

Step One: Material required

First of all, we are going to share the material required for the garage floor refinishing. In order to get your work started, you need to get few tools. These tools include broom, trowel, bucket, grinder and roller as well as paint brush. In addition to that, we need to get acid wash, concrete which can settle quickly and epoxy to be applied on the floor.

Step Two: Prepare the floor:

Once you have gathered the material and tools, now you can move to the next step. In the second step, you have to clear the space and fill the holes and pits with the help of concrete. Trowel will be used in this process. Leave the garage for a couple of hours to dry. Once the floor is ready, you have to apply phosphorus acid on the floor. Leave the floor for one night for further process.

Step Three: Apply epoxy:

In this step, you have to apply epoxy. Shake the epoxy well until it shifts on the other side of the pouch. Shake the epoxy for another five minutes until it is well mixed. Now, pour the solution into a bucket. In order to make it safer, you can add non-slip chemical.

Step Four: Apply the solution on walls and corners:

Now, you have to apply the epoxy on the walls and corners of your garage. Make sure you don’t skip any blank spaces. In order to do so, you can put a small quantity of solution at the corner of the garage. Now, slowly spread the solution in the corners and walls of the area.

Step Five: Apply on floor:

After completing the corners and walls of the garage. Now, you have to put a large quantity of solution on the floor. You can spread the epoxy solution with the help of the roller. It will make the floor even. In order to remove the air bubbles, you have to roll over multiple times. Starting from the corner, you have to take row by row until the whole garage is done. Leave the garage for one day to get dry. This is the simple garage floor refinishing.