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At Zone Garage, we let our clients pick the perfect floor for their needs. We have all the materials that can instantly enhance your garage floor. Our garage floor ideas are as follows:

Concrete coatings

Coatings come in different designs including stains, sealers, paints, and epoxies. They are good protectors of concrete floors against harsh chemicals, stains, and excess moisture. However, their integrity can fail when the moisture condition of the concrete floor is high. Even new concrete floors should be allowed sufficient time to dry up because water tends to reduce the binding ability of coatings. A lot of prep work is required unlike the application of floor coverings which is less complicated. Every crack has to be repaired to achieve a level working ground, followed by etching to make the surface more porous.


Floor painting comes in form of oil-based paints or latex paint. The type of paint applied on the floor is stronger than the wall version. Painting a garage floor is the least expensive flooring options. Its application is no different from other types of painting. No complex procedures or tricks are employed here: it’s simply rolled on the surface. Latex paint is the easiest to apply and clean than oil-based paints. Oil paint forms a high sheen while latex has a low gloss finish. If the oil-based coat is applied, a primer coat must be applied and it will create a more durable floor than the latex counterpart.

Choosing between garage floor ideas depends on the condition of the floor. If it has too many pockmarks and cracks, coverings are the best options for hiding such blemishes. A coating, on the other side, can highlight flaws even if it is a low-sheen variety and their immunity to moisture is less compared to coverings. As far as cost is concerned, coverings are more expensive. Generally, painting has the lowest qualities when it comes to durability and it requires constant repairs, unlike coverings and epoxy coatings.