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Epoxy formulas for garages consist of 100% non-solvent and non-volatile substances. They provide superb adhesion, abrasion resistance, and excellent mechanical qualities. They are applied in repair of garage floor cracks, toppings, concrete overlays, and coatings. For increased thermal and impact resistance, garage floor epoxies are combined with urethane compounds. If you need more information on garage floor systems, log on to our website – www.zonegarageedmonton.ca.

Important considerations for garage floor epoxy

There are some factors which most people overlook when choosing a coating system. These considerations do not directly affect the performance of the coatings but are paramount when it comes to applying a specific system and satisfaction guarantee of the garage owner.

  • Lifespan

As a garage owner, you want a system that lasts a lifetime and we can guarantee you this. In reality, a certain epoxy needs regular maintenance to enhance its life expectancy. After the installation of garage floor epoxy, we will advise you on the right maintenance procedures for a realistic longevity.

  • Aesthetics

The appearance of a garage floor is more significant than you might think. Your expectations versus the final look may be very different. With our divergent characteristics and decorative patterns, we can help you create the garage floor texture of your dreams.

  • Budget

Your budget comes first. But you should know that cheap systems don’t last long. A system may be costly in the beginning but will be more viable in the long-run. In the end, you get the garage floor that you pay for and the thicker the coating, the longer it lasts and the better the functionality.

  • Installation parameters

Most garage floor installations involve tight schedules, limiting the installation time. Something like the smell of a solvent-based epoxy limits the application while the weather conditions are vital in coating material selection. All garage epoxies are highly sensitive to thermal changes and the time they take to cure depends on the prevailing temperatures.

Material selection

The basic rationale for going through the selection process is to find the right coating for a garage floor in question. Our engineers have to assess the performance qualities, installation process, and technical data of a particular epoxy. Technical information is not easy because there is no standard data presentation form. There are certain test methods to determine the right epoxy thickness. Note that the critical conditions must be fulfilled for optimal performance of the garage floor epoxy.