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Garage floor coverings are available in two designs i.e. roll-out mats and interlocked tiles. These materials are incredibly easy to use and their installation takes a matter of hours. Prep work involves vacuuming and sweeping only, so there is no need for a big workforce.

Types of garage floor coverings

  • Interlocking tiles: these are flexible, non-slip, and soft underfoot. They are available in different patterns, colors, and sizes such as 18 square inches and 12 square inches. We can create custom designs to fit your type of garage and lifestyle. The installation of interlocking garage tiles requires cutting of the materials with a knife followed by tapping of the interlocked edges together using a wallpaper roller or rubber mallet. The tiles are highly slip-resistant as compared to roll-out mats or rigid tiles. They provide better comfort and resistance to liquid penetration. Just like mats, these flexible garage flooring options can be stained easily but replacement is very easy. Their thermal stability is not that superior and may contract or expand during temperature fluctuations. For this reason, spaces are left near the walls to allow for expansion.
  • Rigid tiles: these are stiffer materials made of hard plastics, and make clacking sounds when walked on. As such, they have a greater capacity to hold bigger loads, which is an important characteristic for the application of kickstands and floor jacks. Their thermal stability is better than interlocking tiles and can, therefore, withstand extreme climates. Their designs vary greatly e.g. perforates tiles which can drain liquid spills while minimizing mold and slippery problems. Their maintenance requirements are minimal are have better chemical resistance then mats.
  • Roll-out mats: they are the easiest to install, thick, and available in a number of colors, sizes, and patterns. Several mats are needed to cover up the whole garage or a single mat may be installed under a vehicle. The good thing about roll-out mats is that they are very easy to clean. The installation involves sweeping the garage floor, unrolling the mats, and closing the edges or overlapping them to achieve a trimmed look using a utility knife. Care must be taken not to stain these mats especially by hot car tires and harsh chemicals. Nonetheless, their durability is superior is properly maintained.

Coverings are great at hiding craters and cracks and can comfortably rest on wet concrete unlike other types of coverings.