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Many homeowners desire garage floor coating because of what it gives in the long-run. A coating looks great, is available in different colors, protects the floor from chemical stains, and has a low maintenance requirement. There are so many coating products on the market, making it hard to figure out the best for a garage floor.

Water-based paints

They are the cheapest in the market but do not last long like the solvents and solid paints. The reason they are common in most residential places is that they are more user-friendly.

Solvent-based paints

They consist of 50% solids on average are much more resilient than their water-based counterparts. Nonetheless, they are less environmentally-friendly as some of their components are toxic. When you buy solvent-based floor paint, you are given two packages which you are required to mix. Be very careful when applying, but in the end, you will get a durable finish you will be proud of for many years.

Solid paints

These are the most resilient, expensive, and highest quality garage floor paints. Due to their hardiness, they can resist most chemicals, salts, and common abrasions. Since they are highly toxic, they should only be applied by professionals like St. Albert garage floor coating contractors.

Ready-to-use garage floor coatings

These systems are sold as single parts and so do not need to be mixed during or before application. They are most suitable for DIY projects. As far as their effectiveness is concerned, they can resist oil stains, tire marks, common spills, and chemical damage. They hardly chalk when exposed to wetness and can handle UV exposure.

Keep in mind that sufficient surface preparation is the key to a durable adhesion. If you need a quick and easy-to-apply solution, this should be your perfect choice. Ensure you acquire what you have paid for.

Breathable coatings

Most floor paints are water-proof and after application, no vapor or moisture escapes from the surface. However, regular paints are prone to fail if installed on wet concrete floors. Breathable coatings are different because they allow moisture to evaporate from the surface. They can easily bond with the wet surface even if it is a newly-laid concrete slab.

Fast setting coatings

Regular garage floor coatings take 24 hours to cure before an extra coat is applied. Epoxies, on the other hand, require a number of days before they are subjected to foot or vehicle traffic. But, we have some fast-setting coatings which dry within one hour and are ready for use in 12 hours. Such products include the polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. If you need your garage back to its normal function quickly, these are the coatings you should request for. Their quality and durability are not compromised though.

To get a good idea of what you should expect, compare the different coating systems and from there you can make an informed choice. Make sure that you pick one which will give a long-lasting gloss finish and the highest protection for your concrete floor. These flooring systems vary greatly with some being easier to apply than others.