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Many homeowners are dissatisfied with the way their garage floor looks like. Some opt to buy do-it-yourself kits that they can find on the market so they redo their garage floor on their own. Before you jump into that and bring out the handyman in you, here are some myths about garage floor coating that you have to think.

Myth #1 – You can do it your own

Many thought that you can just buy a DIY garage floor coating kit at any hardware store and you do the coating on your own. Yes, you can, but a professional work is way better than what you can do. Admit it. Not all DIY kits are terrible. However, keep in mind that they do not offer the same quality and durability that professional garage floor coating companies do. This is why professional floor coating companies are not using it.

Moreover, professionals do prepare the concrete floor surface first before coating to ensure the epoxy is going to bond well. They remove loose cement and surface contaminants. Then they will open the pores of the concrete and reveal a rough surface to promote adhesion. At times, the garage floor surface will also undergo a mechanical diamond ground or lightly shot-blasted, depending on your floor surface conditions and the coating to be applied.

Myth #2 – It’s expensive

There are garage makeover businesses that do charge their clients way above the usual price for a garage floor coating. At Zone Garage Edmonton, we will provide you with a professionally installed epoxy or polyurea floor coating at a fair and affordable price.

Myth #3 – All coatings are the same

Definitely not. If you’re new in floor coating and this is your first time to have a coated floor garage, you probably won’t see the difference. After few years then you can see the difference when your coating starting to peel.

Hence, not all “paints” or “coatings” are the same. Yes, you can say epoxy is a paint since paint is considered to be any liquid that changes to a solid film. But, in comparison to regular paint, epoxy is a cured end product of epoxy resins and special hardeners. A typical wall or floor paint may get out at 2 millimeters or less and dry to less than 1-millimeter thickness. Whereas, garage epoxies and polyaspartics dry to 8- 12 millimeters per layer. Epoxy is far more flexible than your regular paint and is chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance.

Myth #4 – Peeling is inevitable

You can avoid peeling in the early life of your floor coating if it is done properly. Proper maintenance and care for your epoxy floor coating will ensure that it lasts for a very long time.

Myth #5 – You must repaint your garage floor after a couple of years

This could be true if your floor was not done properly or you follow all the myths mentioned above. Otherwise, your professionally done garage floor coating in Sherwood Park will look good for 10 to 20 years even in harsh climate if it’s taken care of. So before you buy a kit and do your garage on your own, ask yourself if you want to repaint your garage after a year or two or you hire someone who can make a beautiful floor that will last for a decade.