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What type of flooring is best for a garage? This is one of the commonest inquiries we get every day from our esteemed clients. This question seems easy but answering it is a bit challenging. The best flooring depends on many factors from cost, appearance, and suitability. Maybe what you want is a functional and durable garage floor. Call us to discuss choices you can make from our various garage floor coating systems.

Multi-coat resinous systems

This is one of the most durable and cost-effective garage floor coatings if installed professionally. Basically, it’s a combination of solid epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, or polyurethane elements. It is not only used mechanics garages but also in commercial and industrial places including restaurants, warehouses, showrooms, and manufacturing plants. The finish of multi-coat resin coatings is three to ten times tougher than regular concrete finishes depending on the combination of the ingredients. Good news is that this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

These coating systems have low maintenance requirements and are resistant to water, chips, common stains, chemicals, road salts, etc. The different color options look wonderful and we can manufacture custom designs in different aggregate mixes if you want personalized flooring. If your garage is quite active, ask for garage floor coating Edmonton to get your floor coated without worries. We highly recommend the multi-coat resinous coatings for garages.

Concrete staining

This floor finishing method that gives concrete floors the mottled appearance of natural stones. Concrete stain is not a form of coating but a decorative color which is soaked into the surface to produce a marbled and pigmented resemblance of natural stones. Two types of coats are applied using a sprayer or a roller and worked into the concrete surface with a nylon brush. After the stain dries up, a coating should be applied to protect the floor.


Staining is not protective enough and so, it is rinsed after drying and a coat of urethane sealant applied on top to prevent moisture, stains, and chemicals from seeping into the garage floor. Sometimes, the sealant may be waxed periodically depending on the amount of traffic subjected to the garage. There are various forms of sealers available in clear or pigmented versions. They are synonymous with floor paints but are a bit stronger. Sealing is quite easy and only require a roller or brush for spreading. Once dried, they give a gloss or satin-like finish depending on what ingredients are found in the sealer. If you want a tinted seal, we can provide it for you. Like epoxies, sealers can be solvent or water-based.