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Do not let your garage be confused for a junkyard. You must be able to access any item easily. Our garage organization schemes will ensure that the mounds of items stacked everywhere are arranged systematically. You will no longer need to call 911 to find your bicycle when you are in a hurry to buy some groceries. This is the right time to have your garage in order and thank God you have come to the right place. Speak to our customer service through (780) 999-6836.

Planning for cabinets

It is of utmost importance that you determine first where you want the cabinets placed and how many of them your garage needs. Then you can process to choose from our range of cabinet options. A little forethought helps to make informed decisions on the design, quantity, and quality of cabinets required. First of all, take inventory of items that need to be stored. This is what will help you arrive at the correct size and number of cabinets needed. Determine the weight of your tools as well so that you can choose more robust systems. Do not forget the environment- choose cabinet materials that are friendly to the environment and those that can cope with the surrounding climate.

You can then proceed to learn the available choices in the market. We have new cabinets at Zone Garage which are manufactured for garage storage purposes only.

Types of garage cabinets

Our cabinets are made of different materials from plastic, plywood, metal, to particleboard.

  1. Metallic cabinets

These storage systems are made of aluminum or steel. Their strength and rigidity are unquestionable and aluminum is more lightweight and therefore portable. Their finishing designs include painting and powder coating to create durable covers on their exterior surfaces. But they are more expensive than other types of garage cabinets. Steel is very prone to corrosion and must be protected with coatings.

  1. Wooden cabinets

They are made of plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particle board. They are usually melamine-coated or laminated if made of particleboard or plywood. Such designs make these cabinets more resistant to water, tougher, and thicker. High-pressure laminate cabinets can bear more weight than uncoated counterparts. The non-laminate and uncoated cabinets are stained or painted for protection. Wood cabinets require intensive care as they are easily damaged by water if left to sit on a wet floor.

  1. Resin/Plastic cabinets

These are perfect choices for garages in harsh climatic conditions. Plastics do not corrode, rot or warp come what may. They have immunity against environmental damage and are cost-effective. The only drawback of plastic cabinets is their limited load capacity.


Cabinets for garages have unique features which make them more suitable for different purposes. Here are the various options to consider:

a. Corner cabinets

Like the name suggests, these cabinets are mounted on garage corners.  Corners are normally neglected and so these alternatives make corner space usable.

b. Off- floor

A cabinet is placed on a higher platform in a way that the legs don’t touch the ground. This feature protects the cabinets, especially wooden ones, from moisture damage.

c. In-wall cabinets

They come in different heights and are more convenient for smaller garages.

d. Rolling cabinets

These are basically an extended off-floor cabinet. They are mounted on wheels to facilitate easy movement if need be. These movable units are designed to fit car trailers so that they may be carried along during functions like car exhibitions. They come with lock mechanisms on wheels to secure them in the garage if not on the go.

Our garage cabinets do an awesome job in hiding cluttered items and protecting sensitive materials from dust and moisture. If you need more affordable systems, we have freestanding shelves which not only save your space but also everything more accessible. We also provide wall-mounted racks, workbenches, and lift systems.