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Do you desire fantastic floors in your property; strong and with low-maintenance requirements? Epoxy flooring products are exactly what you need. For more information, call us at (780) 999-6836. Our Edmonton coating specialists will give you the best advice and reliable solutions.

Difference between epoxy coating and epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring refers to a surface composed of several epoxy layers that take a depth of 2mm or more. The depth of epoxy applied dictates whether it is an epoxy coating of the epoxy floor. If the epoxy is less than 2mm, then it is simply a coating.

If you didn’t know, epoxy is a flooring system made of hardeners and resins. These two components react chemically with one another to create a sturdy plastic element that hardly degrades in case of impacts, excess moisture, or chemical spills. It bonds well with concrete and it is for these reasons epoxy floors are mostly used in industrial places.

 Epoxy flooring designs

You can choose from our different epoxy floors namely

  • Mortar epoxy floors: if you want the strongest epoxy floor, this is the go-to option. They are perfect for crack repairs before another layer of epoxy is laid.
  • Terrazzo floors: these are some of the most beautiful epoxy floors which are ideal for bigger spaces.
  • Self-dispersing floors: they are mostly used in high traffic environments due to their impeccable strength. Some are composed of quartz sand and have superior anti-slip qualities.
  • Self-leveling floors: these are popular options for dining areas and kitchen. They are very easy to clean.
  • Flaked epoxy floors: they consist of colorful flakes and chips for the purpose of decoration. Their surfaces are a bit rough for better non-slip properties and they are available in distinctive colors or a combination o designs.
  • Antistatic floors: if you have a sensitive floor that requires no static force, this is the ideal choice then.
  • Graveled floors: it is the most aesthetically pleasing epoxy floor but requires a complex installation procedure. The anti-slip feature of this floor is beyond compare.

We sell countless epoxy flooring kits to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Give us a call on (780)999-6836 if you need a budget-friendly service to epoxy coat your garage or patio floor. We will do the projects perfectly so that you will not need to re-paint or re-coat it ever again. Be very careful of the commercially advertised floor epoxies; just because the label reads epoxy paint doesn’t mean it is real.

We have many years of experience dealing with different customers and none of them called to complain about the failure of our products. The only calls we get are from happy clients who also recommend our services to more customers in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.