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After you decided to have epoxy flooring for your garage, you then headed to a hardware store to buy the materials you needed. But then, you realized that there are several types of epoxy coating available and there are a bunch of other information that you don’t know about. Now you’re confused.

To help you with your dilemma and make things easier for you as you embark on your first home garage makeover project, here is a checklist of things that you have to remember when it comes to epoxy flooring Edmonton, Alberta. Knowing this information are important whether you are doing your own garage or you are hiring a contractor to do it for you.

Solvent-based vs Water-based vs 100% Solids

Water and solvent are typically used as a carrier agent for some epoxy resins. These help in adhesion and ease of application. These agents also help to ensure a longer period for application, which is also known as the pot life.

Solvent-based epoxy can apply in cooler temperatures and higher humidity. It also has a slightly glossier surface than water based epoxy. In some cases, it is a bit more durable than the water-based too. However, many country and states are imposing tougher regulation on using a solvent as a carrier agent because of its high volatile organic compounds (VOC) content. It cannot be used indoors due to the fumes and its high flammability property.

The water-based, on the other hand, has become popular since states started banning products with high VOC’s. The water-based doesn’t produce harmful fumes and odor which makes it environmentally safe.

Meanwhile, a 100% solids epoxy doesn’t have any water or solvent on it. This makes this epoxy solution a much thicker coating. This is commonly used by many garage floor coating companies for commercial applications.

The 100% solids epoxy is more resistant to chemical, stain, and abrasion than its water-based counterpart. It works well as a color coat and medium for vinyl acrylic flakes. It can also last up to at least 20 years. By far, this is the most durable of the garage floor epoxy options. However, since it has thicker consistency and shorter pot life, 100% solids epoxy can be more difficult to work with. It is also more expensive but at the end, it is cost-effective because of its durability.

Technical Data Sheets

These are important pieces of epoxy products’ information if you are really serious in comparing the epoxies that you intend to use. You can ask for the TDS from the hardware store or you can also find a copy online. These sheets summarize the properties and ingredients of each product which will give you a better idea of how the products differ from each other.


It is best to get at least 3 project estimates before you hire a licensed contractor. Estimates are typically free so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses on that. When you scout for a contractor, you can bring a copy of epoxy manufacturer’s recommended installation requirements so you can always compare and ask questions. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate between companies. Once you have the estimates and decided which company to hire, add an extra 7-15% more on your allocated budget for unexpected expenses along the way.

Floor Preparation

Applying an epoxy flooring Edmonton, Alberta is not as easy as it looks. You need to do a thorough floor prep before the actual coating application. Your floor needs to be prep properly to ensure a flawless epoxy application, and the prep is quite tedious. The slab has to be carefully clean and scrub, and it should be free of any oil, dirt, grease, and old epoxy coating before applying the new one. Cracks should also be filled.

All of these means you need to spare a couple of days to do the prep and the floor coating itself if you are doing the project on your own. If you are hiring a contractor to install the coating, your only task is to give the budget and free your garage for the time being.

Moisture and Adhesion Issue

Aside from cleaning the concrete floor thoroughly, it must be dried as well to avoid adhesion problem. This is why epoxy coating is not great in a moist environment. The epoxy paint may peels off in a damp environment and on a moist floor.