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Protective epoxy floor coating is beneficial in many ways such as enhancing the flooring décor, chemical resistance, increased longevity, water resistance, increased strength and durability, dust dissipation, and ease of cleaning. You can check our collection of coating products and request one that suits your needs.

We provide custom floor coating solutions to protect residential, commercial, and industrial floors from various elements. We understand that your home is a precious castle and you want to keep it in its very best condition. Our epoxy floor coating products will make sure that your home value increased by a greater percentage.

For the commercial coatings, we know how to get the projects done correctly, making your business the most enviable and customer-friendly place. On the other hand, our industrial coatings will take care of the environment and we only use those that meet the specific standards of your industry.

Areas we apply epoxy coatings

  1. Weight rooms
  2. Mudrooms
  3. Patios
  4. Deck
  5. Trailer fronts
  6. Garage floors
  7. Driveways
  8. Concrete pads
  9. Stairs
  10. Snowmobile trailers
  11. Cargo trailers

We believe in new technologies and we keep on educating our personnel so that they may provide the very best services for your peace of mind. We not only coat new floors but also repair failed surfaces or those that need renovation. Reach to us to have your floors looking brand-new once again.

Know the difference between poor and high-quality epoxies

Do you know what makes an epoxy better than regular paints? The answer is simple: request one from Zone Garage and you will see the distinction. Our coating products are by far superior to other forms of epoxies in the market because we make them in the most advanced techniques. If you go for the conventional epoxies in retail stores, you will need multiple kits to achieve the thickness that our single kit produces. This means that they will cost you more, bearing in mind you will be paying extra costs from the retailers. But if you choose us, you get low-cost epoxies directly from the manufacturer hence saving your money and time.

Facts you should know about epoxy floor coatings

Choosing epoxy paints for your floor is a complex process unlike buying wall or ceiling paints. If you don’t know what to look for in epoxy, you might waste your money and time. Remember that your garage floor or driveway needs a tough surface that can cope with the twisting tires of vehicles. Find out some interesting facts about epoxies.

Abrasion rating

Abrasions are some of the enemies of floor finishes. They occur during tire turning, when people run on the surfaces, and anytime equipment roll across the floor. Our urethane coatings have high resistance to abrasion and they assure you a long-lasting floor.  Note that there are some fake versions of abrasion-resistance coatings and you must be in a position to spot them. You can avoid such by trusting in our reliable products.  Before you choose epoxy coating, check the abrasion rating and if the topcoat is real as opposed to the clear versions. Opt for low abrasion ratings which translate to a minimal loss of the floor material. Companies that don’t stipulate abrasion rating have poor-quality coatings, so avoid them.