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If you have an experience of epoxy coating, you would have heard about myths of this field. Some of these myths are propagated. That is why, we are here to solve this out. Following are the top 4 myths about epoxy coatings:

Myth no. 1: Professional epoxy coating services are expensive:

If you are not hiring a professional flooring service provider because they are expensive then, you need to read this out. This is because, now you can get amazing services in a very reasonable price. These services are expensive as compared to do it your own but, they will offer error free services. In addition to that, you will be able to call them every time you face a problem. Now, companies offer warranties of their workmanship. You can also get advantage from that.

Myth no. 2: All coatings are same:

This is just a myth that all epoxy coatings are same. Epoxy coatings are available in a large variety. You can also search about these online. You can find the things which you should consider before choosing these coatings. You can also get expert advice about the coating suitable for our garage.

Myth no. 3: You can simply paint your garage:

There are many people who are not aware of the floor coatings. In addition to that, people compare paint with the garage flooring. These two things are entirely different from each other. Epoxy is a product which is used to cover the floor of your garage. It is a thick coating which will protect your floor from cracks, stains and holes.

Myth no. 4: Just clean the floor and you are ready to go:

People consider that the cleaning is the only task which needs to be done before the epoxy is applied on the garage. On the other hand, reality is quite different. You have to do proper preparations before applying epoxy coating on the floor. You have to remove the previous coating or cracks from the floor. This is because, it will help you in making your surface even. Pores will be wide open and you can also fill the holes. There are so many other things which we need to improve with the passage of time. We have to overcome these myths and use proper epoxy coating.