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At Zone Garage, we are dedicated to quality and professional services. Our garage floor coatings are easy to maintain. All are non-porous and therefore any salt, dirt or chemical may not penetrate into your precious floors. No matter the weather or season, we are ready to install floor coatings and you should expect your garage transformed within one day.

Ask for quality flooring from our experts; we have every design you could think of, and exceptional quality is what we guarantee. What are you waiting for? Request a free estimate by contacting us now.

Choose unparalleled coatings

Our flooring products feature vibrant color and glossiness. The unique coatings are abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant, and tough enough to cope with impact. We only need a single day to apply polyaspartic garage coating, for instance, and you can rest assured that it will last 4 times longer than conventional products. It hardly fades, doesn’t turn yellow, or chalk easily.

We provide additional micro-media agents to increase the slip-resistance of the garage floors just to meet your precise needs. Furthermore, our floors feature superb adhesion and they don’t necessitate the addition of special primers. The products are not only suitable for garages but also your basements, warehouse, patios, residential house, and any business establishment.

Long – lasting garage floors

We apply modern techniques and materials that cure faster and which may be applied at low temperatures like -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The polyaspartic garage coating, for instance, may be installed today and will be ready for use by tomorrow. Actually, you can walk on the floor 4 hours after installation. Contact our Edmonton garage floor coating experts if you need quick and effective garage floor installation.

Is your garage in bad shape?

Our repair strategies are geared towards providing effective remedied. After a thorough inspection, we make floor preparation and do the repair on the same day. We use repair products that are congruent with the floor coatings, unlike many installers who don’t consider this. Since our grinding machines are well maintained, we guarantee to stay on schedule so your time will not be wasted. It doesn’t matter if your concrete garage floors are spalled or pitted; we will do it all in one day and apply the most appropriate garage floor coating.

In many cases, spalled garage floors are caused by cold weather when thaw cycles take over. The moisture on the floor seeps into the concrete floors and once it freezes, it starts to expand and that is how the concrete gets damaged. If this happens for a long time, your garage surface becomes weak and it disintegrates into multiple thin layers and crumbles eventually.

Pitting, on the other hand, refers to the formation of small holes in the concrete floor. It can be caused by inadequate finishing or excess water on the garage floor. Other issues which contribute to pitting include harsh chemicals and road salts.

Our clients are proud of us

Feel free to check our customer testimonials. We are proud of transforming many residential and commercial garages into outstanding structures. Many clients have praised our professional services and recommended our services to many more customers.

Feel free to contact us about garage flooring if you are in Edmonton, Bon Accord, Devon, Saint Albert, Lamont, Westlock, Sherwood, and all the surrounding areas.