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Not so many people pay attention to their floors until something goes wrong. This is contrary to the fact that floor maintenance is a regular and fundamental routine. If you are considering a flooring option for your garage, entryway, patio, or deck, the epoxy coating should be your top choice. This product seals concrete floors, walls, ceilings, and garages. Many of our clients have enjoyed the merits that come with this flooring option whether used in residential, industrial, or commercial places. Whether your project entails a warehouse, food and beverage industry, medical laboratory, pharmaceutical store, or a manufacturing plant, we are ready to serve you.

The durability of coated floors is greater as it has low chances of wear and tear. Coatings reduce your maintenance expenses in the long-run so that you can manage more important projects in your life. Once a solid polymer is applied on the floor, it lowers the risks of possible breakdowns mostly associated with impacts, chemical abuse, and bad weather. The installation process takes a short time, meaning that if the project is industrial or commercial, only a little downtime elapses.

Another long-term advantage is low maintenance requirement- epoxy coatings reduce the porosity of a floor, making it easier to clean the stains, spills, and common dirt. Have you seen a coated floor and liked the color? We have a wide spectrum of designs and colors from which you can choose your own style.

A floor suffers prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals, especially in an industrial setting. That’s why it is important to design an effective finish that can help it survive such abuse. Our products are ideal for industrial plants and warehouses and all of them meet the standards of various industries. We know that safety comes first and we, therefore, strive to manufacture non-slip coatings which are also resistant to heavy impact, cold temperatures, and fire- keeping both your building and the occupants safe.

If you want, we can customize a high-gloss floor coating with a high degree of reflection to enhance lighting in your property. Choosing our products will also reduce the amount of damage to your car because they are gentle on automotive. You will also be saving the environment due to minimized material usage and the fact that you won’t need constant replacements. We have the best options for helping you create new floor looks without necessarily replacing the old ones.

Your car tires can produce destructive grinding forces that eventually cause chipping and flaking of your regular garage floor, cemented front yard, and driveway. This makes you unhappy due to the poor looks of your property floor. Thankfully, we are here to solve your flooring problems with our effective epoxy coatings and floors. Are you searching for a flooring contractor in Canada or simply want information on floor coating? We have tremendous experience in different floor coating mechanisms and will conduct a thorough and timely project in your property.