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Epoxy flooring provides durable surfaces for industrial and commercial applications. The coatings are usually smeared over concrete floors to give smooth and high-performance surfaces that can cope with heavy loads and daily abuse. We have taken care of many warehouses and industrial buildings with epoxy flooring because these environments need to stay in perfect conditions all the time.

The process of epoxy coatings

Epoxy floor coatings have to be laid on a clean and slightly permeable concrete surface for it to bond properly. All cracks and imperfections should be fixed before the application of the epoxy coating. It is not a good idea to apply the product on a smooth and new surface because it may not adheres in the right manner. All grease must be cleared from the surface before coating begins.

Our experienced contractors have to test an old surface first to determine the products which were applied previously such as sealers. Epoxy paint might be necessary as a top coat depending on what product was used in the past. The temperatures are critical during the application of the epoxy coating and the optimal conditions are specified in manufacturer’s manual.

The process starts with the application of a primer which is given a few hours to settle. Before applying the epoxy, the surface is dampened slightly with water. To spread the epoxy, a roller pin on pole comes in handy to distribute the epoxy in a thin layer across the surface. Once the primer dries up, the second coat is ready for application. Just like the application of the primer, the finisher follows suit only that water is not used.

Advantages of epoxy flooring

As compared to typical floor coatings, epoxies have more benefits as explained herein.

  • They last for many years
  • Prevention of damage on concrete floors by heavy traffic
  • Creation of a glossier surface which can be raised by 200%
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Epoxy floors are ideal for industrial applications and warehouses
  • They can be applied on top of old concrete when mixed with self-leveling coatings
  • They are compatible with different colors and paints for hiding cracks and chips
  • Various patterns are used to design driveways and walkways
  • Improved safety by creating non-slip and heat resistance surface

Important things you need to know

In case you haven’t heard this, hot car tires can trigger the curing of most epoxies. This means that the hot tires softens, causes discoloration, peels off, and lifts the epoxy coating. This damage is known as hot tire lifting and causes abrasion of your floors quickly. Zone Garage epoxies are manufactured to be hot tire resistant and that’s why they last long in areas of high traffic.

Did you know that most solid-based epoxies start yellowing after sometimes due to UV damage? This problem can be mitigated by application of polyurethane topcoat. If you are out there looking for epoxy coating kit, make sure that your choice features an original polyurethane coat. You can spot a low-quality easily. For instance, if the label stipulates that induction time is needed after mixing before the application, stop there because that is a low-quality epoxy. Our quality epoxies require immediate application and have short pot life

Do not waste your time or money with poor quality epoxy flooring products. This is true if you need color flakes- the epoxy must seal and protect the chips and flakes with a strong topcoat so that the floor can withstand abrasions.

Not only do we offer epoxy coatings but also other supplies such as squeegees and rollers. We manufacture only high-quality flooring products and do not sell low-grade substitutes which are normally marketed at low prices. We can never put your projects in mess and we’ll help you save your money in the long-run because you will not need constant repair for your floors.