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There are countless reasons you need to protect your decks and sliding. Regardless of the weather in St. Albert, Canada, you can enjoy the outdoor environment. So, take good care of your deck so that it may serve you for multiple years. Some of the best methods of deck protection include staining and coating. Let’s focus on the advantages of deck coating.

Benefits of deck coating

  • Preserving the value of your property
  • Protects your structure from mold and mildew
  • Mitigating cracks, warps, and moisture damage
  • Keeping the aesthetic appeal of the deck in the long-run
  • Defending the deck against discoloration and damage by UV light

Acrylic coatings for decks

Is your deck looking beaten up? This is the right time for you to pick it up by letting us apply a new coating. No matter the season of the year, we will help you refinish your deck so you can proud of it for the rest of the years.

Sometimes back, people were using oil-based stains on their decks which unfortunately suffered a lot of drawbacks. Such products were not effective at protecting decks against harsh UVs and the surfaces would become fragile sooner. But we are promising you coatings that will never degrade, wear out, or necessitate re-application anytime soon.

Thanks to modern technology we are now offering effective decking solutions in form of acrylic coatings which are water-based. There are no downsides associated with these coating options and all they do is give good looks to your deck and make it last longer.

Water-based coatings have a flexible film which is UV-resistant hence the ideal antidotes for issues that are caused by oil-based coatings. The good thing is that they are suitable for any type of wooden deck including wood composite.

Types of acrylic coatings

You can choose from three options: semitransparent, wood restoration, and opaque acrylic coatings.

Semi-transparent acrylic coatings: These are slightly pigmented and are designed to change or maintain the deck color without concealing the texture or the grain. They are highly resistant to water and they consist of certain ingredients which can repel mold and mildew. Their lifespan is roughly one and a half years.

Opaque acrylic coatings: They are commonly known as solid color acrylic stains and contain denser pigments than those of the semi-transparent coatings. Their intense color may hide wooden deck grains but their protection against UV rays is very high, not forgetting their greater durability.

Wood restoration coatings: These coatings are made specifically for highly damaged decks. Their thickness is superb can cover up cracks and crevices of 0.25” deep. They are also slip-resistant.

We have other products for coating decks besides acrylic coatings. At Zone Garage, we advocate for eco-friendly coatings and application techniques because we value the environment and its inhabitants. Our best coatings are free of VOCs and upstage any type of paint or coating products in the market. Our prices are unbeatable since we manufacture our own products. They come in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your deck once you pick the color of your choice.