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A lot of home improvement retailers have stocked products in their coating selection which seems to be very thick if used on the deck. All these products claim to provide unparalleled protection to deck boards and deal with splinters, cracks, and nail holes. However, there are things you should consider before settling for these coatings. Find out if the products really work, their durability, ease of application, and moisture resistance. It is important that you understand the tripwires to watch out for and what qualities make some coatings more desirable than others. If you don’t want to go through the hustle of searching for the right deck coating, contact our adroit contractors. You will find free consultation and quote, and then you can leave your deck project is in the hands of reliable personnel.

Our products

Our coatings perform best when it comes to protection of outdoor and indoor surfaces from common damages. Check our range of services and products if you desire exceptional outcomes on your decks. Our options include but not limited to fiberglass and metal lath, and concrete coatings. We have deck paints in vibrant colors which you may apply on any exterior or interior surface.

  • Coating paints

We make it easier to give your deck surfaces natural-looking and stunning finishes courtesy of a wide spectrum of deck paint alternatives. We can make your decks resemble natural stone, bricks, and wood with acrylic paints. In addition, we have other flooring options that are durable, waterproof, and low-maintenance. Call us if you have a project pertaining to walkways, pool decks, house deck, or courtyard. Our exquisite epoxy primers have the capacity to adhere to even the toughest surfaces such as urethane elastomerics. We will create a huge difference in your upcoming deck coating project

  • Metal Lath mesh coatings

If your deck is designed in plywood, you need these cost-effective and attractive options to protect your deck from water and physical damage. Metal lath mesh integrated into concrete forms a strong and resilient overlay that holds up well in high traffic areas. Its waterproof qualities are excellent, keeping the plywood beneath safe. If your concrete or plywood deck needs repair, this is one of the best options we recommend for you. The reasons it’s popular include non-shrink coverage, dries fast, unparalleled adhesion, and non-skid finish.

  • Fiberglass coatings

Fiberglass is a prominent material for wooden decks due to its superior waterproofing qualities. Fiberglass coatings for decks must be applied on top of a fiberglass resin layer then the matting follows. It is one of the high-end coating products for weather-proof surfaces. It is thus ideal for decks in regions that receive a lot of rainfall followed by freezing. The fiberglass resin and matting are all your deck needs for quality installation.

Our residential services

We don’t manufacture coatings just for commercial applications but also for residential purposes. Zone garage products are perfect for home-based projects including concrete patio, walkways, decks, garages, etc. We will give your property a splash of color that’s just needed to raise its value.