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One of the most cumbersome professional coating processes is deck coating. Decks are usually subjected to heavy traffic, constant abrasions, impacts, and normal wear and tear. Due to these types of abuse, the work involved in the installation of deck coats is critical and must. We have developed effective strategies for applying coatings on our clients’ decks. Take a moment to understanding the basic steps involved in the process.

Cleaning the deck

Any deck that needs to be coated must be cleaned first so that the coat may form a tight bond with the surface. Some of the elements which can lead to failure of the project include the presence of grease, dust, and stains. Mold is another issue which should be addressed during the prep work because if allowed to grow, it will weaken the coating material and also bring about health hazards to the occupant of the property. Similarly, mildew must be removed first to avoid hampering the adhesive quality of the coating.

Damage repair

All damaged parts of the deck should be repaired before the coating process begins. Any unsightly materials and debris may create complications and reduce the integrity of the deck coating. Some situations require the application of shot blasting and sand to clear the debris and achieve a cleaner surface.

Deck waterproofing

The foundation of deck structure is the key to effective waterproofing. You don’t want to stroll on your deck and realize that you are only walking on plywood that is not protected from water damage. Such a plain surface is not as pleasant as it should be. And that’s where our company comes in to give you a prestigious coating that will have your deck shining.

Once the foundation is laid and reinforced by an expert, the waterproofing process starts immediately. We don’t just apply multiple layers of coatings but rather outstanding finishing products that surpass the industry standards. Our coating systems are water-proof and installed in multiple layers for maximum efficiency.

Coating application

We start with a heavy cement-based layer which dries gradually to prevent cracking. It is a strength layer and bonds with the lathe foundation of the deck. Once the layer sets into a marble smooth surface, the second layer is ready for application. These initial steps are critical and cannot be rushed and a lot of patience is necessary for the success of the waterproof coating.

The second layer is made of bonded fiberglass. Just the way this material prevents leaks, sinking, and water penetration in boats, it can keep the deck from water damage. To seal the deck completely, we coat the fiberglass with superior bond to build a winning deck.

Our decking professionals do the prep work to ensure that the coat lies on a good foundation and consequently last longer.