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The biggest advantage of having concrete floors is the limitless design possibilities and versatility they present. From marble finishes, tiles, slate, and stone-like designs, the concrete floor finishes are endless.You will not find any other flooring material with tremendous design options like a concrete floor. If you want a free quote, kindly call (780)999-6836.

Reasons to love decorative concrete finishes

Apart from the typical finishes, upgraded techniques and materials have led to the production of top-notch floor appearances. Some of the trendiest finishing schemes are epoxy coating and concrete polishing. The latter produces a smooth floor finish of high-end luster which looks like polished stones. Polishing doesn’t need waxing as is the case with some type of coatings.

Your floor can achieve the looks of a shimmering metal if metallic epoxy is used. The metallic powders in the epoxy contain shiny pigments that make the floor take the resemblance of nickel, silver, bronze, or silver. This is a popular option in upscale regions.

New or existing concrete can benefit so much from various finishes such as dyeing, staining, stamping, and polishing. Take advantage of or bet prices and expertise to improve your property. With our exquisite products, you can dress up your bare concrete slabs at the basement, expose and remodel old slabs disguised in floor coverings at your garage, and much more.

Not only do our finishes improve the texture and color of your floors but also protect them from bad elements such as hot tire lifting, stains, and chemicals. We have heavy-duty epoxies for this purpose. They come in different colors which we can upgrade with color chips and beautiful quartz.

Besides the decorative aspects of concrete floor finishes, they create easy-to-maintain floors if installed on well-prepared grounds. These finishes endure heavy loads from moving vehicles, resist moisture and stains, and discourage unhealthy infestations (mold, mildew, dust mites, and allergens)

Whether you have an interior or exterior home project, choose our concrete products because they are some of the most long-lasting flooring options. The good thing is that we can customize any finish to suit your curb appeal.