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The important things to consider when looking for epoxy coating are the solid composition as well as the coverage rate. The price also matters but remember that you get what you pay for Zone Garage presents t you various concrete floor epoxy coatings at the best prices ever.


Let’s say you are looking for a coating for your 500 Sq Ft. garage. One container of product 1 covers an area of 200 Sq. Ft. while product 2 covers 250 Sq. Ft. per the same volume. Which one would you choose? It is better off to take product 2. Nevertheless, you must not try to stretch out a coating just so it covers your intended surface area. Doing so will yield ineffective outcomes.

Supply kits

If you are the kind of person who prefers to do your own project, you might want to consider the supply kits which come with epoxy coatings. You don’t want to incur additional installation cost by buying equipment which you don’t have. Look for products that come with paint brushes, mixing paddles, spiked shoes, and rollers. Also, don’t forget to inquire about technical support. If you choose Zone Garage, you are guaranteed of a 24-hour support program from our adept technicians. It is our pride to see you getting satisfactory results from our concrete floor epoxy coatings.

Our contractors know the exact number of coating layers that your garage floor requires and will explain to you the function of every coat. We are not like the unscrupulous technicians who sacrifice quality in a bit to get compete in prices.

There are a few things to keep in mind. The best epoxy coating should be sufficient for the entire floor. To increase durability, apply multiple epoxy coats with high solid content. Finally, seek help from a qualified manufacturer like Zone Garage to ensure quality floors and a fruitful experience.