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If you have concrete floors in your yard, they need protection no matter their location. We will help you determine the correct type of material to protect your floors. We are looking forward to hearing from you whether you need functional or decorative coatings for your floors.

Dynamic coating supplies that can withstand just about any abuse

Over the past years, concrete floor coating systems have evolved from the basics to more complex processes. The function of a coating is to offer protection to the floor from contamination and deterioration while enhancing the aesthetic value of a property. We understand that no surface in your establishment suffers more abuse then the floor, no matter what kind of building you live in- commercial, residential, or industrial.

There are different types of floor abuse ranging from abrasion, hot tire lifting, chemical contamination, thermal shocks, physical impacts, and so on and so forth. Regular concrete surfaces cannot take this constant abuse because they are more permeable, and are prone to dust which is formed as a result of damages. Abrasions and chemical attacks are some of the biggest risks and that is the reason your floors require protection no matter the location. The main challenge is in finding the most appropriate protective coating that will suit a particular condition.

What determines the right concrete floor coating?

In terms of abuse, there are 4 main factors that dictate the type of coating necessary for a certain floor.

  • Impact

If your driveway or garage is normally subjected to heavy loads by vehicles and foot traffic, what you need is a thicker flooring system. The best coatings are 100% solid epoxies which have a high impact-resistance capacity.

  • Chemical exposure

Is your industrial or commercial floor predisposed to chemical damage? Different coating systems have varied resistance to chemical damage. So, it is important to first determine the chemical exposure of a certain floor before applying any topcoat. For instance, common spills and stains are not as critical as acid immersions.

  • Thermal shock

An important consideration to make before choosing floor coating is the temperature fluctuation. Take for instance steam cleaning- it can lead to possible damage of epoxy bond due to thermal expansion of the floor, so the flooring system should be chosen carefully. For the vast majority of the coating systems, the coefficient of thermal expansion is greater than that of concrete and should be considered critically.

  • Abrasion

Special treatment is required for floors which are exposed to steel and rubber wheel traffic. The risk of abrasions plays an important role in the determination of suitable concrete floor coating.

After identifying the extent of severity your floor experiences, rank the 4 factors in their order of importance. Only then will you find the main focus for the exact coating that is required in terms of thickness and material. Material choice is the most important consideration because it determines the budget requirement, final aesthetics, application process, and the time it takes for the floor to cure. Call us today if you are not sure which floor coating system your garage needs.