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If you are constructing a new floor or planning to renovate the old one, you can have several different options to make that happen. If you are doing this for the first time, then you don’t have to worry about. This is because, here we are going to explain the features of 4 concrete coatings.

Why do you need concrete coatings?

First of all, we will explain the need of concrete coatings in your house. The concrete coatings will protect your floor from contamination. In this way, it will keep your property valuable for a longer period of time. Plus, you will require less maintenance as well. This is the best way to save your investment. If you want to save your floor from heavy chemicals and oily stuff, then you must get concrete coatings. The best thing about these coatings is that these are slip resistant. So, you can walk easily in wet conditions as well.

Now, we are going to share different types of concrete coatings:

  1. Penetrating Concrete Sealers:

If you have an area in your garage which you think is vulnerable to bad weather or damages, then you need to get penetrating concrete sealers. These products will not change the appearance of the surface. In addition to that, they will protect the floor invisibly.

  1. Acrylic concrete:

Now, we are going to explain the specifications of acrylic sealers. This type of concrete will add a protective layer on the top of the flooring. You can get these coatings in water based formulas as well as in solvent. Now, it is your job to decide the coating keeping in mind the requirement of your home. You can use this coating in both interior and exterior places.

  1. Polyurethanes:

These solutions are also available in both solvent and water based solutions. These options will help you in performing your tasks accurately. These solutions are thicker in nature. But, the polyurethanes are more durable and reliable as compared to acrylic concrete.

  1. Elastomeric coatings:

These types of coatings are good for surfaces which are damaged with little cracks. These will be able to fill the small holes in your garage as well. You can apply these coatings on roofs, parking decks etc. These coatings include silicone coatings as well. You can also treat your showers and spas with the help of this concrete coating. It is highly durable.